How to get rid of ink spots with common household products?

Ink spots do happen every now and then. Either a pen breaks, staining your favourite dress or can accidently get into the dryer and various other items. This usually happens when one goofs around and careless. Now that the spot is there, you don’t need to discard the garment but take a little time to treat the spot.

You should always keep laundry pre-treatment spray for such emergency situations along with bleach, ammonia, vinegar, nail polish remover, alcohol and the usual hairspray. All these items are common household products and help remove ink spots from polyester and cotton fabrics. Let’s look at the details below!


What a bummer; you just spilt ink on the carpet! Don’t waste your time crying, rush to the kitchen, get some milk and mix cornstarch to make a paste. Apply the paste to the spot and continue rubbing gently till the mark is pulled. Allow the concoction to air dry for a few hours, brush off the dried residue and run a vacuum for best results.

Milk & salt

To rid ink off the coloured clothes; drench the fabric overnight in milk! This may sound strange but rather an excellent trick to get the job well done. After an overnight soak, launder following the usual steps. Hand-wash is preferred for best results but you can put them in the machine cycle as well.

Lest the stain is fresh and wet; sprinkle some table salt, take a damp paper towel, dab the spot gently till it takes most of the ink along. In the end, brush off the salt or repeat the process if it’s still there.

Tartar cream

For the usual pen burst on your shirt, work up a paste by mixing two tablespoons of tartar cream with an equal portion of lemon juice. Cover the entire spot with the paste and let it sit for almost three to four hours. Gently brush the paste off the shirt and wash normally.

Hairspray & nail polish remover

Having a toddler in the house means ink stains are likely to be at lots of places but on that new white coat is simply intolerable. Take a hairspray and apply on the mark immediately instead of wasting time grasping and complaining. Doing so instantly would surely pull off the mark, however; there’re other tricks as well.

If the ink stains are on the skin where soap and water failed doing their job, it’s time to rub nail polish remover over the spot with a cotton ball. Continue rubbing the affected area gently with the solution and once the spot is gone, wash the skin with usual water and soap. If the ink blots are on the clothes dryer drum, nail polish remover would work here as well.


Cleaning can be tricky with toothpaste as it might or mightn’t clean the spot depending on the fabric. Apply gel-free or usual fluoride toothpaste on the stain and rub vigorously, rinse with water and repeat the process if necessary. This trick also works on lipstick stains but still, fabric quality also matters.


What is petrochemical industry?

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Irrespective of the nature of the products manufactured, all industries are equally important for humans and overall economic development of any country. All the products that are made there utilized directly and indirectly by consumers.

Byproducts and derivatives made from crude oil and petroleum are named as petrochemicals. Whereas, manufacturing plants that have installed all the essential equipment and infrastructure facilities to carry out the production process are known as petrochemical industries.

What kind of feed stock they utilize?

Most of the manufacturers grouped under this category consume oil (refined and crude both) and natural gas as a precursor to make several useful products for industries and consumers. Primary derivatives and intermediates like ethylene, propylene, benzene and butenes and butadiene are also used as a major ingredient to produce an endless list of products.

How they process?

Typically the process starts in refineries that treat raw fuels not only to remove impurities, but to also break down into lighter components to make them suitable for further processing. Later manufacturers utilize them to make derivatives like propylene, ethylene, toluene, butadiene, benzene, xylene and synthetic gases. Cracking is the common method implemented to make these derivatives. It involves heating feed stock in the presence of a catalyst.

What products are produced?

Whether being liquid, solid, gas or semi-solid, all products that are produced are organic compounds that are primarily derived from different types of petroleum and fossil fuels. From heavy duty lubricants and organic solvents to cosmetic, plastic, rubbers, wax, paints, detergents and textile products are the few examples of products commonly produced in industries. These manufacturing plants purchase oil from refineries to further process into desirable products after further purification and addition of raw materials. In contrast to that fuel manufacturer primarily produces fuel for energy, transportation and heating purposes.

What are the other resources to produce petrochemicals?

Despite being produced from petroleum, kind of derivatives can also be produced from other organic resources like coal, natural gas and agricultural sources including corn and sugarcane. Countries that don’t possess huge ores of fossil fuels usually opt for agricultural resources to obtain such products to further utilize in the processing of several valuable products. Middle Eastern countries are known to possess biggest reservoirs of crude oils; due to convenient availability of crude oils, oil refineries and petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia have rapidly become a revenue generating industry.

Hydrocarbon derivatives obtained from natural resource have gained an undeniable popularity all over the world, whereas petrochemical industry has become an important industry, especially in oil producing countries

How to sparkle up your bathroom shower?



To sparkle up a bathroom shower is one of the most tedious task for homeowners who like shiny tiles and shower wall. And it’s possible that the best way to get it done is different than what you think! High level of humidity and frequent use creates a perfect home for mould and mildew while ignoring would only make things worse. Only with the right products, cleaning tools and knowledge can you maintain tidiness of the shower place.

The tools

You need to have an abrasive sponge, old toothbrush and a scrub brush. These would help you to reach tough corners and crevices for best results. Besides the three, you also require a few clean and spongy rags to wipe water off the tiles once they’re treated but you can do this with a wiper as well. Cleaning experts also recommend a squeegee or absorbent moleskin that works wonders to remove clamminess off the tiles. You should always wear rubber gloves during cleaning for protection against harsh chemicals and products.

Commercial & natural cleaners

Visit your nearest grocery store and grab the usual bathroom cleaner; take two bottles just in-case you need an extra for deep cleaning. “Using instructions” on the product may differ but they usually work the same. Commercial cleaning products are harsh with chemicals that cause irritation and inflammation to eyes, skin and throat so one should utilise the products sparingly. If you’re applying additional products along with commercial cleaning solution, there’s less or zero need to scrub and remove tough soap scum for the chemical would do it effectively.

On the other hand, common bathroom and shower cleaning ingredients are readily available in your pantry. White vinegar and baking soda are comparably the safest and most effective natural cleaners to harsh chemicals. If you wish to rid soap deposit from the shower tile, throw some baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Spray some vinegar that speeds up the process and return original lustre to the tile. Vinegar is also an excellent anti-bacterial cleaner so it’s of more use that just a food product. Soak a rag with white vinegar and apply to faucets, shower walls and floors for around 10 minutes.

Cleaning tips & tricks

Moisten the tiles and other surface before you begin. Apply the cleaning agent and let it sit for at-least 10 to 15 minutes. Concentrated products are applicable over areas most susceptible to mould and mildew. Scrub from top down pattern and ensure you get across every fraction of the shower wall. Before you rinse, brush tough stains and mildew spots with either a scrubber or a toothbrush.

Reapply a small amount of cleanser to stubborn areas and scrub again. Rinse with hot water and follow the top-down cleaning strategy. Carefully wash the residue from the entire shower section that includes a bathtub as well.

Cleaning schedule

If you’re accustomed to daily cleaning, there’s no use to overuse chemical products but simple scrub and wipe would work as well. However, you can spray natural ingredients in small amount like white vinegar and baking soda for best results. Though rinsing is important, you may damage the tile if doing it the wrong way. Also, chemical cleaners must be tile-friendly so read the instructions or ask before you buy.

For a shiny and clean shower, you should treat it daily but there’re times when homeowner do it once per week due to tough routine. One may subscribe to a housecleaning service as well if taking time out to clean the bathroom and home is nearly impossible.

Academic prerequisites of a web designer

Composing design and development for a website are duties of web designers. Websites are judged by preciseness of content and aesthetic quality such as visibility, navigation and neat colours. Due to the reason, a web designer must have outstanding artistic skills and tech savvy with basic degree or diploma in computer science and arts. When applying for web designer, companies ask for a four year degree.

Basic facts

Bachelor of Arts or Computer Science degree is a must have prerequisite for many web design companies. As both academic programs are four years long, one’s eligible to apply in some top agencies around the world.

Features & considerations

In contrast to a degree in arts, Bachelors of Science have additional six credit hours based on technical coursework in web development and graphic design. Top companies usually seek applicants having some real-time work experience.

These additional courses would cover in-depth knowledge of software like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and others. A good command over HTML, Flash and various programming languages is a must have so potential applicants must come prepare.

With distant learning programmes offered by many institutions, it mitigates expense of obtaining four years degree but not all companies favour this. Some companies only prefer degree with a strong portfolio of web designs for satisfaction.

Misconceptions & expert insight

Some believe that online courses teach very little about practicalities of web design and development. However, these programs are extremely effective in strengthening the skills required to be an exceptional web designer. You can say that degree is merely a key to open the big door whereas additional skills would deal with everything you’ll find on the other side.

At the time of interview and assessment, degree won’t do much but a strong portfolio and knowledge of web development would define long-term success. Still, educational prerequisites are crucial if one expects a bright and fruitful career in almost any field.

Whether dealing with cheap website design or engaged something totally radical, provided above are a few educational requisites that potential candidates should have.

How to turn your countertops spotless?

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Kitchen countertops are one of the busiest areas in a home because you prepare food, organise dishes, chop fruits and vegetables and work with various cooking gadgets. We also put down most of our groceries and supplies, make kids do their homework while having supper and much more. In the end, what remains is a stained and messiest countertop that requires thorough cleaning. Cleaning them is usually a snap if you can pull a few tricks up your sleeves. Check out a few tips for spotless and germ-free countertop!

General cleaning

  • Counters require daily cleaning s once stains set; it’s hard to remove them. Always keep a pair of paper towel roll within easy reach for quick cleanup every time there’s a spill. Thorough cleaning is a must after every meal so make sure you do that!
  • Although one should use harsh cleaners sparingly, there’re certain stains that need such strong chemicals for perfect cleaning. If yours is a sealed surface such as acrylic or laminate, bleach can work miracles especially on coffee and fruit juice stains. They’re effective disinfectants as well after handling raw meat on countertops.
  • While cleaning, make sure you move everything especially electronic appliances, decorations and canisters; this’ll provide a chance to dust and clean them as well.
  • Spray some lemon juice or vinegar over the counter for eco-friendly cleaning and ridding odours. These natural cleaners are a perfect alternative to harsh agents being safe as well. Lemon juice is known to bleach out many stains and leave the surface fresh and fragranced. Use foam white stain eraser that’s crafted to clean counters whereas you can work your way towards backsplash too. Vinegar and baking soda mixture can easily remove mildew stains from the grout or backsplash.
  • Dirt, stains and bacteria can easily accumulate around the tap which you can scrub either with an old toothbrush or a scrub brush. Immerse the brush gently in a sudsy solution, work around in every corner and wash with luke-warm water for perfect lustre.

Wooden countertops

  • Make a solution of bleach and water, pour it over the stains.
  • Dry the area immediately or water stains would make it worse.
  • Now, rub the dried countertops with salad oil or linseed to preserve wood.
  • Spritz lemon juice or vinegar every alternate day and dry the counter afterwards for a fresh feel.

Marble countertops

  • The best trick is to rid the source of stain or simply clean the mess while it’s damp. To remove stains off marble, mild and non-abrasive cleaners do the job quite well that are commercially available.
  • Powdered cleaners are excellent! Moist them a bit to generate lather, rub gently around the marble countertop and wash with water. Let it air dry or wipe with a non-abrasive clean fabric.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for marble or stone countertop cleaning and seal them regularly with specific sealants.

Expert tips & precautions

  • After every cleanup, dry the countertop for moisture stimulates growth of mould and bacteria.
  • Lemon slices are a great source to lift stains from laminated countertops. Rub gently on the stain and let the juice sits for about 15 minutes before you rinse and dry.
  • Butcher block countertop should be cleaned from strong cleaners to disinfect them as well.
  • Use an old toothbrush or bristle brush immersed in chlorine bleach solution to clean grout lines of ceramic tiled countertops.
  • Avoid using pointy cleaning tools on marble and granite countertops for they can easily accumulate scratches.
  • Don’t allow butcher block or wooden countertops to soak excess water or else they’ll deform and crack eventually.

We’ve highlighted essentials about how to remove stains from countertops, which if followed would definitely prove worthy.

What are ladies fashion watches?

Traditionally been used as a time telling device, wrist watches are now considered as a fashion accessory. Especially when it comes to classifying timepieces, there are four types of timepieces available for both and men that include dress, casual, sports and fashion watches. As this word is largely associated with females, people usually believe that designer timepieces for ladies should look like jewelry or more like a bracelet. To some extent it’s true, but if you consider checking diverse collection of brands available in the market, you will find that a wide variety among designs is available. Having been grouped among styling accessories doesn’t mean to compromise over functionality.

Characteristics of ladies fashion watches

Style is the basic component of every piece grouped under this category. Having been a timer, its purpose not only to tell time, but also represent a certain look. Design and appearance is the major concern when buying such devices, as smartness of shape is more important as compared to capability to display accurate time and date for 100 years. People make their decision after considering the variety and affordability among prices.

Expression is also an important attribute, as it can clearly reflect the origin from where a specific design emerges. They are designed after considering special occasions and different personalities of people who are going to wear them.

Material and shapes an infinite choice is available. You can pick the most suitable material, texture, shapes and embellishments after considering your budget, personality and overall attire. It’s more like wearing a jewelry piece and everyone loves wearing a jewelry that not only matches with personality, but also with the occasion.

Gives a sense of ornamentation, the kind of ladies wrist wears are purposefully created to accessorize their wardrobes. The wide variety of colors, dials, straps and ceramic to crystal look make them a perfect wrist wear anytime anywhere.

Bold colors are used to exaggerate their style and uniqueness of dial shapes. After considering the changing styling trends, pieces precious gemstones and metals are not used. This makes them bit affordable as compared to luxury pieces. You can easily afford buying several different to wear on different occasions.

If you are looking to buy a perfect fashion timepiece at reasonable prices, Anne Klein watches can offer you a huge selection exclusively for women.

List of must have accessories for every man

We’ve discussed many times about women’s accessories but what about men? They have a life and a personal wardrobe as well. Apparently shimmering jewellery, bangles or a twinkling dress isn’t their choice; simple manly accessories are a must whether being bachelor or married. It’s not just about collecting loads of items but what you wear makes a difference while giving a social recognition. Now, whether you’re expecting a corporate lunch, fun hours with colleagues or last-minute appointment, check out the list of perfect stuff giving you a calm, cool and elegant look hassle-free!

  1. Extra Ties

May sound weird but having extra pair of tie is a smart move for a dozen reasons. Such as, what if you drop pizza sauce over your tie or any other beverage especially during a corporate event; it’s quite embarrassing indeed. Or what if you come dressed for work but there’s a last-minute delegation arriving and you need to smarten up right away! Moreover, changing your looks after lunchtime might stimulate you to work thus increase efficiency! Whatever the cause, an extra tie works miracles again and again.

  1. Toiletries

A soap bar, toothbrush and paste isn’t the only choice you should keep in your pants or bag. Fresh-mints, cologne and a winning smile are most rewarding! Let’s consider the scenario for further clarification; you’re attending a corporate meeting with garlic breath smell or food debris caught in-between your teeth, it just sounds too disgusting so imagine how it would be in real.

So it’s preferred to move around with a small toiletry bag having liquid mouthwash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, cologne, hand-wash or small soap bar and dental floss. These are obtainable in traveller’s size bags so quite handy when carrying to office, in your cabin or even during travel.

  1. Sunglasses

Not everybody votes for this but men must carry stylish sunglass pair. Whereas style isn’t the only thing that matters, glasses protects your eyes from harmful sunrays. They do make you appear handsome while aviators are a prominent option ever since celebrities adopted the style. Style enthusiasts favour chic shades usually with formal attire while keep extra pair for sporting event or any other outdoor activities.

  1. A wristwatch

Men usually consider wristwatches, simple jewellery so why not make it trendy till end! Purchase a classic watch that goes with anything from pure business attire to weekend casual wear. Finest choice is buying a pair of Kenneth Cole watches that are of premium quality! Do remember that glitz and glamour shouldn’t overtake quality and that’s one mistake every other man makes frequently. Though mobile phones are rapidly taking over the watch industry, premium pieces are still considered a collector’s item.

  1. Wallet

It’s about time you abandon that old-school Velcro wallet and move to pure luxury. When shopping, you’ve lots of choices in terms of sizes, colours, designs and even engraving. If you wish to carry important documents or valuable merchandise such as traveller’s cheques so on, large wallets would do well otherwise go for the usual size. Simple money clips makes an excellent choice if you just carry small bills.

Though it’s purely a personal choice, items mentioned above accounts for excellent men’s accessories! Be sure to have a few at-least to make your wardrobe shine.

Classification of Polymers and Monomers

From “chemistry” point of view, atoms and molecules can be classified as monomers or polymers. There exist minor differences between the terms however both chemical compounds are quite dissimilar. Monomers are tiny atoms or molecules that when combine forms a polymer. Thus it’s clear that polymers are many monomers linked to form a larger molecule. For more details, refer to the information provided below.


Polymerisation is known as a bonding process for monomers. Two or more molecules are linked together via sharing their electrons but before the connection, compound is a simple monomer. The word is derived from Greek as “mono” means “one” and “meros” is for “part” hence the words when combined forms “one part”. For chemistry students, glucose molecules are a common example of monomers but when link together has a starchy appearance.


As explained earlier, polymers combine together forming large substances and larger the connection, substance will be less mobile. For instance, ethane at room temperature is a simple gas molecule that can travel anywhere it wants. However, as density increases of the same molecules would transform it into butane; a liquid fuel that can’t travel anywhere itself. Further doubling the molecules would make paraffin, a wax-type substance. With increase monomer combination, polymer formed is more stable and solid.

Natural Monomers

In chemistry, many natural monomers exist such as Amino Acids. When amino acids are polymerised, monomer is transformed into protein polymers. Nucleotides are monomers found in nuclei cells that when polymerised makes nucleic acid polymers; renowned DNA components. Isoprene polymerises into natural rubber that’s called polyisoprene. Primary feature of monomers is their molecule bonding tendency. All the reaction and bonding of molecules allow chemists to discover new elements thus modifying periodic table.

Application of Polymers

The application attributes available through bonded polymers supersede other elements/materials we use almost every day. This includes adhesives, foams, coatings and many different types of packaging stuff. Polymers are also used in optical, electronic and many biomedical devices. Polymerised elements are widely used in agriculture, providing soil with improved nutrients for better plant growth. Industrial use of polymers is in production of windshields, pipes and automobile parts and technical.

Meanwhile; sports gear like golf clubs, many different types of sports balls, protective wear and several playground equipment are made with polymers. Limit of polymer use is yet to discover but for now, possibilities are simply endless. Saudi Polymers Company is known across the Middle East region and even in International states for quality production.

Jobs you can Get with a degree in Polymer Science

There’re many rewarding job opportunities for polymer scientists at different manufacturing or research based companies. Fields may include chemicals, resins, artificial fibres, plastic, paints, adhesives, coatings and synthetic rubber. Educational institutions, petroleum companies, medical production companies, research and development organisations also recruit candidates bearing a degree in polymer science.

Meanwhile, astounding career opportunities are available in renowned government organisations like Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other military institutions. Army, Navy and Air Force also provide outstanding employment hence having a polymer science degree is a total win-win situation. Scientists even initiate personal consulting companies operating successfully in different regions around the world.

By now, you must be familiar with monomer and polymers alongside many applications and job opportunities.

How to find the best gift for your partner?

Buying or finding a gift for your spouse can be a tricky endeavor. Especially, when there’s nothing unusual you can find to surprise them. Exchanging gifts is one of the ways to express love or shower thankfulness. But the idea hits the ground if your significant other finds it awesome or else the real expression fades out. To make this happen, make sure you are well aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes, activities and interests. If you’re planning to surprise your partner, base your gift ideas on his/her interests, needs or activities, so that it finely utilized without any agitation.

Finding the right gift for your partner?
Instead of reaching the place and thinking about what to buy and what not to, it’s best to do your homework and stay focused. While you are preparing to buy him or her new gift, make a list of things he or she adores like jewellery, books, gadgets, and shoes or fashion accessories like watches or traveling? Try to dig more if she needs anything that you could contribute into or what color or pattern preferences she has or what do you do when together so that you know the right thing to gift her. It is not advisable to emphasize precisely but you could buy anything that is closer to her interests.

Once you have figured out her likes or dislikes, his/her preferences, inclinations and activities, you are half done to reach the right point. Above all, you can’t ignore your partner’s personality, if he or she is artistic or very near to nature, you can’t inspire them with anything very worldly. Make sure you have a clear idea. A lot of people are career obsessed, if so, you can easily go for corporate gifts like handbags, pens or traveling pouches to win over!

Handmade gift is a lifetime gift
No matter how rich you are or what precious you could gift your partner, handmade gift has its own legacy. Nothing could overrun handmade gifts because it shows that you have spent time to create something that’s one and only, most importantly created for him/her that’s nothing to do with materialism but love. A small card with your self-written words, anklet or bracelet could do the needful and if you think your creativity could win further, go for photo frames, hand painted pots, mirrors or necklaces.

Irrespective of what expensive gift you have bought for your partner, adding a handmade item would lock the love you wanted to shower. Your partner will surely love it above everything.

Say for instance, if it’s your first attempt or you are trying to give a proposal gift, you hardly have much space to play. Remember, first impression lasts for lifetime! Think wisely and check your budget first, it’s important to please her differently but formally. It could be a rose, wrapped in net and floral buds and ribbons, along with chocolates. Do whatever you think will click her mind, all you need is to stand out of the box!

Selecting one of the best gifts for your partner could be tricky, as you can’t find anything that matches your expression of love. Thus, love is irrespective of any means, but we still find ways to highlight it on different occasions.